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In today’s continuously evolving business and technology landscape, a highly available and secure IT system is imperative. Maintaining IT applications and integrations of varied complexity across multiple environments, versions and work streams is an expensive ordeal. It requires a strategic approach to keep IT operation costs low.

CES provides cost-effective managed services to clients across business domains and technology affiliations. We support modern as well as legacy applications with operations such as minor fixes, major enhancements, application upgrade, and application sunsetting.

CES managed services

Our Services include

  • SLA-driven IT support desk
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Application enhancement
  • Version upgrade
  • Security monitoring

Key Benefits

  • Ongoing support for the existing applications’ users and stakeholders at a flat monthly fee
  • Unlocking and reallocating core development capacity to high priority projects
  • Continuous optimization of processes and costs

Why CES?

  • One-stop shop for all IT support needs of your organization
  • An extension of your team to meet ongoing needs of IT operations
  • Flexibility to ramp up and ramp down team in a short notice
  • Industry grade SLAs

Chaitanya Kumar

Key Contact Chaitanya Kumar

Email chaitanya.vummethala@cesltd.com to learn more or to collaborate on an optimal solution for your organization’s application maintenance and support requirements.