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The traditional learning pattern has changed radically in the past couple of decades. With the rise of the enabling technologies, virtual classroom is a reality. The pandemic further accelerated the adoption of remote learning/teaching tools by students and teachers alike.

Since early 2000’s, CES has been building and enhancing custom learning platforms for the customers. CES helps develop web-based Learning Management Systems (per SCORM standards), which enable employees avail training and attend bootcamps online. The platform helps create customizable courses complete with downloadable course material and online assessments.

Our capability includes developing LMS modules such as:

virtual classroom

Real-time training

Forums &
discussion boards

Reports &

Key Benefits

  • One-stop collaborative teams that implement web, mobile, and cloud-enabled solutions
  • Ready-to-use frameworks and accelerators to fast-track development of customized learning platforms
  • Improved training management and learning experience

Why CES?

  • 20 years of experience in building Learning Platforms
  • Delivered 50+ Digital Learning projects in the last two years
  • Assured overlap of 3-4 work hours for seamless interactions across timezones
  • 60 days warranty on all the code delivered
  • Zero cost proof-of-concept

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