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Agriculture Case Study

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Enabling a smooth & steady transition from your legacy equipment

Migrating your agricultural technology enterprise to a cloud system is a challenging process. To succeed, one must account for every part of the tech-stack from the ground up. It is imperative that all supporting systems be made compatible with the more modern technology introduced in the decision to switch to a better tech - Simply put, a single broken link can ruin an otherwise robust and effective chain.

Our cutting-edge technology is built to ensure that a smooth, steady transition from legacy equipment is possible. We have an ever-expanding pool of solutions to the problems that agritech firms face, which we continually improve as we encounter new ones.

The modular nature of our approach supports lightweight and flexible practices; only the systems required for each project will be activated, removing the possibility of wasted computing power and minimizing the cost of operations.

What We Offer

With CES agritech services, everything you need to bring your platform into the future is at your fingertips. Our expert teams have the latest technology at their disposal, along with ongoing training in industry-proven patterns and system architecture techniques.

We take a hands-on approach to migrating your platform into SAAS model to work optimally with our methods. The end result is a smarter and more responsive system that will improve decision-making capability.

We believe that visualization is key in interfacing computer outputs with human recipients. To that end, we have assisted multiple customers with custom solutions to displaying weather and spatial data in easy-to-interpret formats. We can combine information from trusted services such as Google Maps, ESRI SDK, Leaflet, and various third party weather APIs to produce a one-stop layered display of all the data you need upon request.

How We Deliver

The process begins with an analysis phase. At this stage of the journey, our technical teams will work with you or your staff to develop a comprehensive understanding of the challenges that you face and the functionalities that you require. Afterwards, we will engage in our concurrent software development and information technology operations methodology known as DevOps. Throughout this process, we employ numerous innovative systems architecture principles:

easy customization

Open-source technologies incorporated into our network offer forward compatibility and easy customization of any aspect of the system.

Easy upgrades

Eliminate many of the investments you must otherwise make into computing hardware and also reduce the operating cost of each unit of computer power you consume.

DevOps does not end as soon as you are satisfied with your results, however. We believe in a philosophy of constant improvement or development (CI/CD) in the services that we offer. While using a SaaS platform, you can expect that the watchful eyes of CES experts will be monitoring and updating your software whenever they note that performance could be better than it already is. This might include such apparent features as user interface or experience modernization, one of our organization’s specialties, or improvements that may be less obvious on the surface such as increasing performance of the web and database elements of your system.

Regardless of the demands of your circumstances, CES will rise to the challenge. We will gladly expand our own capabilities to solve problems that we could not before encountering them, whether that means that we must devise a way to be compatible with third party software needed in your unique stack or develop customized solutions ourselves. We have faced many such challenges in the past, each time increasing our pool of software resources and development techniques to accommodate them. Let our years of keenly-honed expertise work for you: begin your migration to CES agricultural technology services today.

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